Why Excel

Why Excel?

 Excel Recycling’s new shredder plant in Freetown and export facility at New Bedford harbor in conjunction with the full service yards in Charlton and Westport Ma combine the best of local service with the access to the biggest markets in the world. We have the ability to sell the product to either end users domestically or internationally which provides our customers the opportunity to reduce the number of handlers involved raising the value they receive. It’s a simple matter of getting your material closer to it’s final destination by using the resources of Excel Recycling. As we continue to grow there will be greater coverage throughout New England to offer these opportunities to a larger segment of the market.

History/Mission Statement,

About us – Excel Recycling, LLC was founded in 2003 by Marty Costa in Westport, Massachusetts. Initially the company serviced mainly municipal transfer stations throughout the south coast and Cape Cod. He was joined soon after by his son Jonathan after graduating with a bachelors degree in business management. Jon would go on to take over the day to day operations.  Through the early efforts of Marty and Jon Costa, we have cemented our place in the New England-based scrap metal industry. Marty Costa has said “Excel Recycling has and will always lead the way by creating an atmosphere of integrity and honesty with straight forward look you in the eye approach.” It is this desire on the part of Marty and Jon that has driven us to a leadership role in the industry.

These policies have led Excel Recycling to currently operate (4) facilities in Massachusetts. There have been and and continue to be efforts made to hire the most experienced staff  for these facilities which provide coverage to most of eastern New England.  We will bring the same straight forward business practices to an ever expanding market place which will give more customers a chance to “Excel.”

Key Players – About us

Marty Costa – President

Jonathan Costa – Vice President

William Robinson – Operations Manager

Bill has been with Excel Recycling since 2011 and brings extensive experience in the day to day operations of waste and recycling companies. His back ground in operations management has made him a valuable asset to Excel Recycling.

Wayne Edwards – Senior Buyer

Wayne started with Excel Recycling in 2010. He has a project management background in commercial construction. He has helped expand our presence throughout New England.