What We Buy

If you have any questions about what materials we purchase at Excel Recycling, please don’t hesitate to call. We strive to make the scrap selling experience as easy and low impact as possible. When calling our offices, you will be directed to the best possible point of contact to answer any questions you may have regarding field service or pricing.

The staff at Excel Recycling is well versed in commodity grading and handling procedures. It is our goal to make your communication with Excel Recycling as productive as possible. Our three offices located in Charlton, Freetown and Westport, Massachusetts were established to give commercial and individual customers several options to make Excel Recycling the go to choice.

Recycling Materials:

Ferrous Metals (all magnetic metal)

  • Automobiles & Trucks (whole or parts)
    • Appliances, Lawn Mowers, Swing Sets etc.
    • Brake Drums & Rotors
    • Cast Iron (heavy-breakable)
    • Construction Equipment
    • Demolition Scrap
    • Industrial Post Production Scrap
    • Obsolete Industrial Machinery
    • Machine Shop Turnings & Chips
    • Plate & Structural Steel (beams)
    • Sheet Metal
    • Computer, Laptops and Servers

Non-ferrous Metals (nonmagnetic metals)

  • Aluminum (all grades)
    • Aluminum/Copper Radiators
    • Batteries (lead acid-no cracks)
    • Brass Plumbing Fixtures, Faucets & Fittings
    • Catalytic Converters
    • Copper (all grades})
    • Electric Motors
    • Scrap Lead
    • Radiators and heater cores
    • Stainless Steel (all grades)
    • Transmissions & Engine blocks
    • Wire Products – copper and aluminum core wire.

If you have any form of scrap metal and are not sure if there is value to it just call or bring it to one of our facilities. Equipment of many kinds can will be purchased as scrap and a review by one of our buyers can get you the best information available. Call the office to set up a site visit if you’d like to have something appraised and an estimate of value provided.