Scrap Dealers & Public Drop-Offs

Scrap Dealers & Public Scrap Metal Drop-Offs

Excel Recycling welcomes the opportunity to assist individuals, dealers and peddlers with their scrap metal recycling needs from our Westport MA, Charlton MA and Freetown MA drop-off locations.

Our clean, safe and efficient scrap metals drop off recycling facilities provide easy access, quick settlement and immediate cash payment at premium recycle rates.

Public Scrap Metal Drop-Off Services

Nowadays, homeowners and individuals are well aware of the scrap metal recycling values of unused products, broken appliances and scrap automobiles that can easily and quickly be converted to quick cash.

From broken metal products to discarded copper pipes, Excel Recycling will make your trip to our scrap metals drop-off center a hassle-free and financially worthwhile experience.

Efficient Public Community Scrap Metal Recycling Services:

When it comes to providing communities with efficient scrap metal recycling service and accurate certified scale compensation, Excel Recycling is your go-to destination.

You’ll find our scrap metal drop-off recycling process convenient and effortless with these simple steps:

  1. Drive your vehicle onto our certified weight scale with our guidance.
  2. Progress to the designated unloading area.
  3. Metal items are put into containers, identified, sorted, & graded.
  4. Your recyclable items are weighed by our certified scales.
  5. Receive your weigh ticket and receive cash on the spot.

Drop–Off Service for Scrap Metal Dealers

Given the economy, Excel Recycling has experienced dramatic increases in business from scrap metal dealers and peddlers throughout our extensive service area.

As scrap metal recycling professionals, they know our reputation for establishing dealer relationships based upon mutual trust, responsive service and honest settlements that pay the best prices.

Scrap Metal Dealer Recycling Programs

Excel can create customized services for scrap metal dealers and peddlers who regularly recycle with us and our scrap metal recycling programs.

Much like VIP customer programs, Excel will customize the handling and processing of your scrap metal and recyclable materials to save you time and expense.

Additionally, visit our What We Buy page scrap metal item listings as helpful guides for better organization and preparation of your ferrous and non-ferrous recyclable materials.