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The coming expansion here at Excel Recycling is bringing lots of interest from people in the throughout the industry. These new resources will bring us in line with the biggest scrap handling operations in New England. As always there are fits and starts in this process but I’d like to encourage anyone interested in speaking to me about the potential benefits to call or email me. Wayne (774-264-0595)

What’s next for Excel Recycling?

After the recent announcement by Excel Recycling that the company is adding facilities and resources the phones have begun to ring of the hook. I’d like to reach out to existing and potential customers to assure them that the staff here at Excel and myself shall continue to work hard to provide the service that you need. Whether it’s container or trailer service co-ordination, customer responsiveness from your buyer or scale house staff it is  our goal to become the first and best choice for you to sell your scrap. I have always said that information in the form of input from customers is extremely valuable. Please don’t hesitate to call me with questions or concerns as we move into the phase of growth.

Wayne Edwards

Excel Recycling charges forward.

The recent softening in the scrap metal markets are not going to slow down our march forward. Although the news is mixed we are confident that there will be stability in prices in the upcoming months.  The changes are exciting and should produce great things for our customers.mag

Biggest news in the New England scrap industry in years !

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Excel Recycling is announcing the establishment of a new processing facility in Freetown, Massachusetts along with the acquisition of a port site in New Bedford, Ma. These two new sites will provide Excel with access to global export markets. The Freetown facility will allow us to process much larger volumes of material and provide the best possible prices for our customers. These prices should allow Excel Recycling customers to sell their material locally with no compromise in service or value. Please stay tuned for more announcements. Call the office to discuss your needs.

ISRI – convention news.

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In a recent issue of Recycling Today magazine Brian Taylor wrote about the recent the influences that have seen small improvements in steel scrap markets. Here is a snippet from that article.

“After a difficult 2015 and a rough start to 2016, an early April price boost brought some good cheer to ferrous scrap recyclers just as they gathered in Las Vegas for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) 2016 Convention & Exposition. Panelists at the convention’s Ferrous Spotlight session, however, indicated there are still problems afflicting the steel and ferrous scrap sectors.

Namik Ekenci of the Turkish Steel Exporters Association, based in Istanbul, said the scrap market paid the price for iron ore’s ongoing price drop in 2015, as steelmakers in Turkey and elsewhere scaled back on their melt shop activities and instead bought low-priced steel billet to send directly to rolling mills.
Scrap prices that had remained above iron ore prices “put electric arc furnace (EAF) mills in a very difficult position,” remarked Ekenci, who said many responded by importing billets and slabs produced with cheaper iron ore in China, Russia and the Ukraine.
Ekenci said Turkish EAF mills are not subsidized and “operate on small profit margins” and will continue to turn to imported billets and slabs if scrap prices are considered too lofty. Importing billets “is profitable for us” he said on behalf of Turkish steelmakers.”
This reinforces our insight over the last several months as well as the current school of thought that says don’t expect the upward trend to continue. If you’ve been holding steel scrap waiting for a better price now is the time to move it.
Wayne Edwards


Good Afternoon Everyone,

There appears to be a positive trend in the steel scrap markets right now. This could be due to new sales from the east coast as well as dropping stocks that have created a lack of supply. Can we count on it to continue? That remains to be seen. I would be more confident if we were seeing strength in the non-ferrous markets as well. Considering the increased values for steel scrap now may likely be the best time in the last year to move some material. As always give Excel or myself a call and we’ll do our best to earn your business.


Hello Everyone,

There seems to be a heating up of the markets happening right now. The steel markets either driven by increased demand or slightly greater need globally have gone up $10 and are poised to go a bit more. This is encouraging considering the time of year and the extended drought the markets have seen. The non-ferrous markets have come off of five year lows to gain back roughly 8 – 10% of the value of about a year ago. The reasoning for this or whether it can be sustained isn’t really clear. I believe we may see slow improvement through the summer with a plateau before and during the height of election season. as always Excel recycling is striving to better our position in the market as well as increase our abilities. never hesitate to reach out to me with questions or insights.

Wayne Edwards Buyer 774-264-0595

Feb. – Mar. Outlook

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The stagnant markets for all scrap metal continue to stumble along. It doesn’t matter what level of employee, operator, management or owner you fulfill in this industry you can help but be bombarded by rumors. The rumor mill runs especially strong when things are great for this or any other industry. The latest and most consistent rumor is that ferrous scrap metal is poised to move down once again in the next several weeks. If you read the available news and talk to scrap metal insiders what you will take away is that prices – volumes and sales will definitely go up and down or remain the same.  I should apologize if anyone reads this to learn something but even the calmest most reasonable people get frustrated when there is no guidance that can be counted on. Stay tuned and try to make some sense of this next week.




The latest bout of global warming that fell on the scrap yards in Westport, Charlton and Salem will soon be cleared away. We are ready to get the new year rolling. There have been small rebounds in the non-ferrous markets which may indicate less downward pressure. We should keep an eye on the middle east and hope for better relations throughout the region.


Base metals are in positive territory after a stabilization of China markets. There is hope that the .44 % positive move in the  Shanghai Composite Index in addition to commitments to prop up the yuan will stop the slide in scrap values. There are also reports that iron ore production is being slowed by environmental concerns along with increased price. The very low prices for iron ore have  contributed to the fall in scrap steel values as well. Although this could be considered baby steps they are at least steps in the right direction