Municipal Recycling Programs

Municipal Scrap Metal Recycling & Scrap Management

Excel Recycling is a well-established essential provider of governmental scrap metal recycling and scrap management services throughout New England.

Materials Collection Transport

Our custom municipal recycling and scrap management programs are specifically tailored to meet the specific local needs of the municipalities we service in an environmentally friendly way.

These recycling programs can be relied upon to produce higher revenues and provide a municipal transfer station with a professional partner to service its residents..

MA & RI Materials Recycling & Scrap Management Services

Excel provides a wide–array of municipal recycling and scrap management services designed to safeguard community health while achieving the sustainability, environmental, and revenue goals.

Our detailed municipal recycling programs, flexible scrap management services, and scrap materials processing expertise ensure total performance satisfaction to national industry standards.

  • Recycling & Scrap Audits
  • Municipal Recycling Programs
  • Scrap Management Programs
  • Materials Collection Transport
  • CFC & HCFC Appliance Recycling
  • Roll-Off Containers & Services
  • Regional Public Drop-Off Facilities
  • Scrap Metal & Material Processing
  • Mobile Shearing & Baling Services
  • Electronic Product Scrap Solutions
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling


Consulting Services Improve MA & RI Municipal Recycling Revenues

Attaining maximum revenue from your municipal scrap metals and recyclable scrap materials begins with a complimentary consultation with our professional recycling experts.

Our municipal recycle experts will then identify often overlooked scrap collection opportunities and proven efficiency improvements with the potential for enhancing recycling revenues.

Such advanced scrap collection and scrap processing methods invariably result in lower recycling costs and increased municipal revenues.

Learn More About Excel’s MA & RI Municipal Recycling Programs

Explore the technical, service and resource benefits of partnering with Excel Recycling.

Contact one of our regional recycling facilities to arrange a no-obligation consultation that expertly addresses your municipal scrap material recycling and scrap management goals.