Appliance Recycling

Appliance Recycling – MA, RI, & CT

Excel Recycling provides environmentally-safe handling and disposal of household and commercial appliances throughout our MA, RI, and CT service areas.

Businesses, dealers, as well as local town and city scrap management authorities, know they can trust Excel for their appliance recycling needs.

MA, RI, & CT Appliance Collection And Recycling

Excel Recycling guarantees that appliances recycled by us will be professionally handled, dismantled, and processed according to certified CFC & HCFC industry removal standards.

Appliance Recycling Drop-Off Service:

  • Appliance Retail Stores
  • Appliance Distributors
  • Appliance Delivery Companies
  • Public Housing Authorities
  • Municipal Transfer Stations

Visit our directions page to locate which Excel Recycling facility is closest to you for your appliance recycling.

Dealer & Commercial Appliance Pickup Service MA, RI, & CT:

In addition to our appliance drop-off facilities, Excel Recycling also provides scheduled appliance collection pickup services to MA, RI, & CT dealers, retail stores, and commercial accounts.

Our appliance pickup service can be arranged either on an as needed or regularly scheduled (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) basis.

Save time and transportation expense with Excel Recycling’s appliance pickup service.

MA, RI, & CT Appliance Retail Store, Distributor & Delivery Recycling Services:

  • Freezers
  • Refrigerators
  • Air Conditioners
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Commercial Refrigeration

For multiple unit and commercial appliance recycling options, contact one of our Southeastern MA, Central MA, or North Shore MA recycling yards to book a quick-response appliance pickup appointment at your convenience.

Our MA, RI, & CT Scrap Metal Recycling Service Area:

Our three Massachusetts scrap metal recycling facilities serve New England, including central MA, southeastern MA, SouthCoast MA, Cape Cod, South Shore MA, Greater Boston, North Shore MA, Metro West MA, Rhode Island, and northeast Connecticut.