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 New England-wide Scrap Metal Recycling Centers

Excel Recycling is your professional recycling partner in the collection, selling, and processing of most ferrous and non–ferrous scrap metals.

Our four Massachusetts scrap metal recycling facilities serve the southern New England region, including SouthCoast MA, southeastern MA, Cape Cod, South Shore & North Shore MA, Greater Boston, Metro West MA, central MA, southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Increase Municipal Profits


Excel’s custom programs provide more efficient scrap handling and greater financial returns for local communities. The current municipalities serviced have experienced significant gains in revenue and efficiency.

home_visual_02Reduce Material Costs


Our specialized construction and demolition scrap recycling services efficiently accommodate any project size, complexity, or requirement. Whether the need is roll off containers or heavy hauling trailers of various types Excel can accommodate your needs.

manufacturing_01tImprove Industrial Efficiency


Let Excel consultants review your scrap recycling operation and improve it with a technically-advanced solution. These solutions might be as simple as better grading and sorting resulting in increased revenue.

We operate three full-service yards and one harbor based export facility. Our southeastern MA and central Massachusetts regional recycle yards also provide personalized recycling services to scrap metal sellers in Rhode Island and northeast Connecticut.

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Environmentally friendly and integrity proven, Excel Recycling offers unequaled value to scrap metal sellers by paying among the highest prices for ferrous and non–ferrous scrap metals, including recyclable materials and products.

We not only pay well, but value your time by making your recycling experience easy and efficient. Visit our What We Buy page scrap metal listings as helpful guides for better organization and preparation of your recyclable materials.

Recycling Solutions For Municipalities, Construction Demolition, Industrial Scrap & Machinery, Auto Salvagers, Scrap Metal Dealers, & Public Recyclers

Our extensive scrap metal recycling experience, equipment capabilities, and transportation resources provide effective recycling solutions for the logistical retrieval, safe handling, and timely processing of scrap metals and recyclable materials.

Excel Recycling scrap metal professional buyers serve a diverse range of large and small scale customers

Municipalities: Customized scrap metal retrieval programs (town / city / county / state recycling)

Commercial: Demolition & construction scrap metal and recyclable materials on-site disposal

Industry: Manufacturing process metal scrap, industrial equipment removal & dismantling

Retailers & Service: CFC & HCFC appliance recycling, scrap management containers

Salvage: Autos, trucks, vehicles, light iron, & HMS #1 heavy melting steel

Public: Individual drop-off scrap metal sellers Dealers: Scrap metal dealers and recycle materials peddlers

Meeting MA RI & CT Scrap Metal Material Recycling Needs

Whatever your ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling requirements, Excel offers the most time-efficient and trusted service options that yield top dollar returns.

We are also expert at developing custom scrap materials recovery reuse solutions that uniquely and profitably meet your specific needs.

Contact us and experience the service-value commitment Excel Recycling provides to MA, RI, and CT businesses, scrap dealers, environmentally minded communities, and individual sellers we proudly serve.

 Our four Massachusetts scrap metal recycling facilities serve the southern New England region, including central MA, southeastern MA, SouthCoast MA, Cape Cod, South Shore MA, Greater Boston, North Shore MA, Metro West MA, Rhode Island, and northeast Connecticut.